Latest update tanked my iPhone and iPad

The last updates have been so good that I got careless installed the last one on the fly.

Is anyone else experienced the iPhone being very slow and apps crashing on a regular basis.

Typically happens when I attempt to use the share sheet. I click on it and it grays out but nothing happens. I have to restart Safari or Maps to get them working again.

Called Apple support and they had me close out the 20 or so after that I had in the background and it seemed to work OK for about a day now the problem is back.

Also sometimes the keyboard does not come up.

When I previously would address an email I would type in the first 4 letters and the name would come up. After the update I am having to type the whole address.

Had I backed it up to my computer prior to updating I could easily go back.

I have my iPhone backup nightly to the cloud. Is there a way to restore to a particular backup in the cloud? A backup prior to the update.

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Restoring a backup will not downgrade the operating system (iOS) to a previous version.

You could try a DFU reset and restore from a backup? This will not change the version back, but might solve any underlying issues if they are caused by something in the current install.

Apple stopped signing IOS 14.7 on August 2. There’s no going back to a previous OS version after they do that.