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This text will be hiddenLaunch Center Pro 3.0 was recently released. I realize one of the big features is NFC triggers (I’m kinda meh on this feature) and scheduled/location based shortcuts.

I’m kind of fearful of paying for the subscription to get the latter because I suspect Shortcuts will get this at some point. Maybe it’s worth it to use LCP now. Thoughts?

Currently, I created several reminders from the shortcut screen using the “Siri remind me of this…” so I can just click the reminder and go to the shortcut and run it. This has actually worked remarkably well as a workaround for location and time based triggers.

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@MacSparky’s review

I’ve looked into my usage of it… and deleted it completely. The only thing I’ve used it for was as a replacement for location-based tags in OmniFocus. But I can replicate it easily with two additional tags in OF. Not worth paying subscription for. As David said, for subscription you have to provide some good value. I don’t see a good value even in the previous version, but it was small money - no big deal.

The thing about a subscription is you can always cancel it.

Personally, I am looking forward to NFC tags.

The other stuff I don’t yet understand. And there’s the implication there will be more in future.

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