Launch Center Pro Setups

I’ve had a few shortcuts or actions on Launch Center Pro (LCP) for a while now but I’ve never really taken it seriously, so to speak.

With the upgrade to V3 I a subscribed to the new business model and the new app.

It now has me thinking, this really is such a powerful little app but I don’t think I’m getting the best out out of it.

So, it seem like a pretty straight forward idea. There is a community that shares their LCP setup. However, I’m yet to find it. Reddit has a Subreddit but it’s very inactive. Apart from that, there are places you can download actions, but not actual setups.

Let’s see if we can really learn from each other on here in your LCP setups and why they work for you.

I’ve attached my current setup in LCP but I’m about to back it up to Dropbox and delete the whole thing.

Updates to follow.

However, in the meantime I urge you to share with us your setups and how you use it.


I’m loving launch center pro. The show is responsible for me learning about it and using it. I’ve gone whole hog on it. I even got some NFC tags.

I have a Launch Center Pro shortcut tied to scanner pro that automates a scan routine I do in the morning where I scan yesterday’s notes in my Baron Fig notebook into a folder in Evernote called “Digitial Baron Fig.”

In scanner pro, the shortcut scans it, names and tags the pdf, and uploads it to that folder.
Then I decided I could go a step further with an NFC tag I keep on the inside of the cover of my baron fig (so it’s not permanently tied to one notebook since I go through these about every 3 months). When

I bump that tag with my phone it opens up to scanner pro and is ready to go!

Here’s my LCP homescreen so far. “Fireweed” is my coffee roasting side hustle, so I have scripts and other shortcuts related to my business there.

Besides that, inputs is a shortcut that opens up a bunch of apps (imessage, hangouts, mail, etc), and transmitter is like that for social media apps.


I have the stickers too! They are fab! I am type 1 diabetic and I’ve created a shortcut that when run creates a new todo in Things 3 to order more the following day.

I’ve put a sticker right next to my fridge so when I’m getting an Insulin pen from the fridge, see I’m getting low I scan the sticker and get reminded the following day to order more.

They are fantastic.


That’s awesome! Great use case. I’m looking for more uses myself. The one I shared above is the only one at the moment.

I bought the old version, but there is too little progress to justify the high subscription cost. The interface is more than dated. I don’t understand why they stick to those hideous group icons. I used it for a while quickly add todos to things that were “pre-tagged” and added to projects. Each combination had a separate Launch Center action in a group called “add to Things”. I would have loved to be able to set the Things icon as the group icon. Choosing a generic checkmark icon from their selection felt wrong.

So, a little late but this is what I’ve settled with on my LCP set up.

Still really keen to see how other people have theirs.

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I definitely agree, the option to add your own group icon should be there. If fact, icons in general can be a bit restrictive or cumbersome.

Regards the progress, since their upgrade to V3 there has already been a few updates. I think they’ve committed themselves to development, particularly in light of their new business model. Just my opinion but it’ll be interesting to see what they have to offer in the coming months. :raised_hands:

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