Launchbar Ventura compatibility

Although Alfred seems more popular, Launchbar is grandfathered in with me for now.

No mention of Ventura compatibility on the website, and last activity on Twitter was Spring 2022 (??!!)

Overall functional but some weird timeout issues with window disappearing mid-typing the searches, pasting old items from clipboard history.

Any similar issues or anyone know the LB status?

Thanks in advance :pray:t3:

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Oh, following! I’m also still dedicated to Launchbar so will wait to hear about compatibility before updating to Ventura.

After a brief stint with Alfred and Raycast, I am back again with Launchbar. After the Ventura update I have found no issues.

I’ve been monitoring the website like a hawk but have seen no indications. Launchbar is still my favorite, so I hope for an update and to see this great tool thrive.

I have been using it mostly as normal. A couple of things I can no longer do are (1) activate the lock screen from the bar; and (2) it does not seem to play well yet with the new system settings, but maybe that was just an issue of the database still indexing.


  1. The system settings issue must have been related to indexing. It’s working perfectly fine for me.

  2. The Lock Screen control issue is not a bug or the fault of LaunchBar. Apparently, it’s an operating system issue that had to do with the change over to using control center.

I guess that means that I am having no problems at all (so far) with LaunchBar.

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I’m also using Launchbar on Ventura and it’s fine. I agree that it would be nice to see more active development and engagement, but it’s been this way for years. I’ve tried all the other launchers, but keep coming back to Launchbar.


Ok thanks for the updates everyone.

Overall seems to be working well it sounds like. Hopefully continues with development updates.

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It’s Time!!

Screenshot 2022-11-08 at 8.10.34 PM


I’m also a long time Launchbar user and just updated yesterday with the Ventura compatibility.

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Here are the full release notes:

LaunchBar 6.16 (6232)

New Features

  • Compatibility with macOS Ventura.
  • New built-in “Dark Mode On/Off” action.
  • New built-in actions for converting images into PNG or HEIC format.


  • Improved Google Chrome Bookmarks and History indexing to support multiple profiles.
  • Improved application indexing to also include Xcode’s
  • Renamed image conversion actions from “Recompress Image” to “Convert Image to JPG”.
  • Improved icons of built-in actions.
  • Improved appearance of drag & drop highlight while dragging items onto the LaunchBar window.
  • Improved browsing of an application’s recent documents to indicate if a document would by default open with a different app.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed indexing of Firefox bookmarks and history.
  • Fixed built-in “Set Desktop Background” action.
  • Fixed incorrect display of icons with non-square aspect ratios.
  • Fixed a layout issue in the Options pane of the index window.

Other Changes

  • Changed keyboard shortcut of “Open in Action Editor” from Command-Return to Shift-Command-E.
  • Dropped support for Chromium and Opera web browsers.
  • Removed “Lock Screen” and Fast User Switching actions on macOS Big Sur and later, because macOS has removed the ability for third party apps to trigger these functions.

Woohoo! Have been waiting for Chrome history access to be fixed.

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