Launcher vs. Launch Center Pro

So here’s the deal. I own both of these and usually stick with launcher due to the overall simplicity of the app and the setup, however after reading a lot of the posts here it seems that there are a lot of advocates for LCP.

I would be really interested in seeing the pros/cons and use cases that (much more creative) people here have come up with!

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I think a lot of people stick with LCP because it was one of the first in that wave of Editorial, LCP, and Drafts that started opening up the idea of customized workflows and scripts that we now think of as common. I personally couldn’t tell you one is better than the other - I use them both, but for me - I have always felt that LCP was a bit more polished than other similiar apps. Sort of the big brother.

I suspect (and hope) that others will chime in with a healthy “better than because” conversation about these two apps. I always learn new things from this type of convo.

I use Launcher for widgets, it gives me a second “time and location aware” homescreen which is very useful. I use LCP for time and/or location based triggers, and sometimes for groupings of Workflows/automations.

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