Learning workflow


I have been doing lot of learning these days which include watching videos, going through documentation and researching websites and then finally practising what I learned ( I am basically learning python ). What’s a good workflow/software/hardware I can use to maximise my learning and create notes which can be revisited later or passed on to other people for there own learning.

I’ve always found that it helps to have a real problem to solve when digging into a new language. Most modern computers, including Macs, have python already installed.


I completely agree: I wrote a network management system to learn perl (and then rewrote it correctly to learn python.)

I like using a mind map for initial learning (eg doing a free CS course on EdX) with iThoughts my app of choice, then switch to Notes once I’m on a project.
I don’t tend to share notes (in either direction) as I think writing notes yourself is so valuable.

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I generally create a repeating task in OmniFocus that says “Continue studying Python” with a tag called “Current” so it will show in my daily list. That task would link to an OmniFocus project “Study Python” which would house my individual tasks of study or questions that I’d like to pursue. One of the tasks could be a real problem to solve like @jec0047 suggests.

I could also use tasks to link to an OmniOutliner file for note-taking and any relevant apps for Python study.

That’s interesting, I never thought of using a mind map on something completely new. How do you go about it? I’ve got a bunch of new stuff I need to dig into.

I just use it as a way to structure multimedia, as mind maps can be expanded or collapsed easily and I feel a bit more free and creative in this format than my usual bulleted list. Nothing fancy.

Here’s a file I made for a comp sci course I did on EdX…I’m not certain how good an example it is, but it’s not too many megabytes.

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@GraemeS, I really have to thank you for this. I’ve had iThoughts on my iPad for a long time but I’ve never done anything with it because I thought I didn’t have a good use case for it. Looking at your map was a huge “aha” moment for me. I now realize I’ve had tons of use cases and didn’t know it!