Least exciting Apple Store trip ever

I picked up my AirTags at the Apple Store in Pasadena today. Now I can tell that all three of my sets of keys are at home with me. Woohoo. No new iMacs in the store to gaze at wistfully while I waited. Sigh.


I can tell you, dropping off a broken iMac is a lot less exciting. :slight_smile:


Hah hah. I feel your “pain”. I just returned from Apple Store after picking up a new Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil that will sit idle until new iPad arrives….

My AirTags were supposed to be delivered yesterday. They didn’t arrive. They’re in town, but UPS won’t deliver them until Monday. Which is why I hate when things get released on Friday. A day late means 3 days late.

That being said, I’m not going anywhere between now and then.

Still annoyed.

Emotions are complicated.

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Buying from Apple has always been interesting. I ordered a couple of MacBook Pros, standard delivery, for my company a few years ago. That afternoon I received an email saying they were shipping from China. They arrived at 10 am the next morning.

It took 5 days for my AirTags to travel 18 miles.

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Back when it took an airplane ride for me to go to an Apple Store, every trip was exciting. Now trips to the Apple Store seem to be more frustrating than exciting.

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I have had not one but TWO Macs fail on me in the past 13-14 months. I’ve been putting off bringing them in because of the obvious reason. But I hit full immunity in a week and will be bringing those Macs in soon after and that will be a very boring visit.

Haha, I’m pickings up my Airtags today, definitely not the most exiting trip to the Apple Store!

But, it’s topped by last week’s that was for a new front cover for my iPad Mini! Now that was the dullest trip there imaginable.

I live so close to an Apple Store that it’s more convenient to buy there than have to stay home for a delivery during the week (as I’ve not worked at home since the end of the quarantine in July last year).