Leopard and earlier -- what did the icon looking like a springboard with an @ on it do?

On the first Macs I had there was an icon in the dock that looked like a springboard with an “@” on it. I could never figure out what good it was, and by Snow Leopard it was gone. What was it for? I guess I wasn’t enough of a Mac Power User back then to figure it out. A web search turned up nothing.

Checking on 512 Pixels.

the one next to the trash?

I think that was a bookmark file of some sort. - it opened a web page.

@ismh Will have the correct answer.

Looks like it was a shortcut to the Apple website.


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Ha! No wonder I forgot what it was. Not useful at all! So I probably trashed it right away and then proceeded to forget what it was there for.

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It still exists… sort of! :smile:

You can pin a URL to the dock by dragging it next to the trash can. TIL!

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