Lesser known but very useful apps

Thought I’ll share 2 small unknown but very use apps that I can’t do without.

Been using ScreenFloat for a while and loving it. Small app that takes a screenshot which float around for easy comparison & reference. Save, copy or delete screenshot after you’ve finished with it.
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ScreenJump is great for multiple monitors usage. Small app with shortcut keys and/or customised your own that immediately move mouse cursor to next monitor(s). BTT can do it too but if you want a simple program, ScreenJump is it.


I love ScreenFloat. He also made Yoink app. One of my request from him (Matthias) is to have sync on ScreenFloat as I use two Macs.

Yup - I must use the 100+ times per day.

Meterologist - a free minimal weather app in the menubar

I have started to use Moves app
The freeform movement and resizing saves my day.