Lightroom & gps search question — how would you do it?

Hope this is the right forum! I’m often editing photos in lightroom, and like to pull in approximate gps location, which I most often do by searching google for a restaurant or nearby spot, and grabbing the gps data from the url. obviously not ideal, but it works. thinking about automating it via alfred or keyboard maestro, but not even sure where to start. anyone have any solutions?


In Lightroom, if you go into the maps view, you can search for the location there then drag & drop the photo from the lower image bar onto the map which then adds the GPS info. No copy-n-paste required!

Personally I use GPS4Cam Pro which is a 2 part system, there’s an app on the phone where you start a trip, at the end of the trip it shows a QR code that you photograph. When you put the images on the computer, there’s a Mac (and windows) app which scans you photos for the QR code, uses that to get the gpx trail and then updates the exif with GPS locations. You then import to LR after that. GPS4Cam has worked well for me and is still available however, it seems that the project isn’t being updated anymore. The dropbox function stopped working a while ago. I’m expecting that at some point it just won’t work anymore but I’m getting what use out if it I can while I can.

Another possibility is that LR does have some capacity for incorporating GPX trails. There are quite a few iPhone apps for recording GPX trails. In LR’s map module, on the lower toolbar there’s an icon that looks like a zig-zag line. Click that, load up your GPX trail, there’s a slider to manage offset if there’s a difference between GPX time and you cameras time. LR then uses the times in the gpx trail and times of your photos to figure out where each one was taken.

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I was not aware of any of those options. Thank you so much for sharing! :slight_smile:

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Also, sans Lightroom, HoudahGeo has been a longstanding app that works on Macs, or in concert with a GPS tracker.

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No problem, you’re welcome :blush:

That looks interesting, thanks for posting. I could well end up using that myself if GPS4Cam curls up & dies before I can change my camera for one with GPS built in. :slight_smile:

ooh, this is interesting. thanks!