Limit the items in dock and cmd-tab switcher to just the apps in the current space?

Is there a way to limit the icons that appear in the dock and the Cmd + Tab switcher to only those in the current space when using multiple spaces/desktops in Mac?


I mean, there might be, but I highly doubt it. The Dock and app switcher are controlled by the OS, and I’ve never heard of an app doing what you are asking. You could try one of the replacement apps though… maybe Keyboard Maestro, or Witch?


Tried uBar (in Setapp) and see that it lets us exclude apps from its dock.

For the Cmd+Tab switcher, found the Contexts app. It doesn’t let us modify the default switcher but replaces the default one with its own and here too we can exclude apps.

There’s also ActiveDock.

These should do. My main goal was to reduce the clutter in dock and app switcher whilst still keeping other apps running. I use Alfred to get to them.

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