Link repository?

As I’ve been blogging a bit more I find I regularly link to some of my past posts. Right now I’m searching my blog to bring these up, but I do it often enough that I’d like to create some sort of list or repository of these links that I could pull from and paste these links into posts as needed. Of course, the simplest solution would just be a text file, but I was wondering if any Mac Power Users had interesting workflows for this sort of thing.

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What are you using for your blog?

I think the simplest thing to do is to click the website address area in a browser, then click-hold-drag from the favicon to a folder in Finder. This creates a .webloc file for the bookmark. These can be dragged into documents, postings in a forum, etc. You can rename .webloc files to something else (and tag them) without changing the address that the file opens.

And it’s free! :slight_smile:


Can this also just be done by keeping a bookmarked link on Safari and then dragging it into whatever you’re working on? Do you actually need a separate folder to keep the .webloc files in?

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Maybe pinboard or copying to drafts might be an option?

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Sure, a bookmark folder in Safari would be fine too. The “repository” idea in Chris’ post suggested “off-line” in my mind, for some reason.

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Oh I see, yeah that makes sense