Linking to Local Files

Hi everyone!

I’m currently in school and I take my reading notes in markdown. I later run Pandoc on my collection of markdown notes to create a single PDF of my notes. I often will make notes about .PDF or .docx documents. I’ve included a link to the file pathname on my system (ie [Document Title](<file://path_name/document.pdf>). It seems that the link will work, but when I click on the link in PDFPenPro I get a system message that says that PDFpenPro doesn’t have permission to open the document (using the same technique I can easily link to webpages without the same issue).

I have tried to find a way to give PDFpenPro permission to access files on my machine in the system preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > “Files and Folders” but the “+” is greyed out and I can’t add PDFpenPro to my list of applications to grant permissions.

Does anyone know any way to grant PDFpenPro the permission access system file links?



First, welcome!

Have you unlocked the Security settings before trying to make changes in permissions? Look at the lower left corner of the dialog box.


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I have - the “+” remains greyed out :frowning:

Yes. I see the same.

You may need to grant permission either at the Accessibility level or the Full Disk Access level (or both).