Linking Ulysses and DEVONThink?

Does anyone know if there is a way to index Ulysses in DT? Ideally, I would like to use DT to index all of my writing in Ulysses but I can’t seem to locate the proper Ulysses folder for doing so and I’m not sure DT will index Ulysses. Is anyone doing this successfully? Use case example: I take notes at a conference in Ulysses. I’d like those indexed in DT as well. I know I can take the notes in DT but I prefer using plain text and Markdown in Ulysses–where I do all of my writing. Thanks in advance for any help.

I would suggest using the synced folders in Ulysses, and then indexing that file location with DevonThink.

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That is my plan but I can’t find the right folder. :slight_smile:

Do you happen to know what folder I should be indexing? Thanks!


It’s whatever folder you set it up to sync with. By default Ulysses wants to use iCloud and it’s own system which I don’t think is DevonThink compatible. Ulysses settings

Rose, you are always so helpful-thanks for all you do for the MPU group!

Attached are screenshots from my Mac and iPad. I"m syncing Ulysses via iCloud so I may not be able to identify the folder to index to DT. 44%20AMIMG_0057

I think that’ll be the the issue. If you sync via Dropbox then you can hook DevonThink into it.

If you sync via Dropbox, you don’t get the full features of Ulysses.

When I switched to DevonThink, I dumped Ulysses. After bouncing between Folding Text and MultiMarkdown Composer for a while, I settled on Folding Text for its faster performance. But I’ve got my eye on BBedit.

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I like the overall design of BBEdit but it doesn’t have an iOS app and Ulysses does.

@RosemaryOrchard I have a running document in Ulysses about my OmniFocus usage and observations. I’d also like to collect resources and send them to DevonThink. Would it make more sense to switch this running document to DevonThink to use on both Mac and mobile or is there a way to link the document to DevonThink without screwing up my other syncing through iCloud?