Lion > High Sierra on 2010 mini - how?

So I have a nice old Mac mini dual i7, SSD and 16GB ram that I’m trying to update to the latest OS High Sierra I believe. Running Monterey on all other Macs. EveryMac tells me it’s updatable to HS via a serial number lookup.

I’m having a hell of a time tying to update it. Seems DiskmakerX no longer works on my OS, I down load updates from apple and they always seem to error out. I did manage to update to bloody Mountain Lion after about two hours of tooling around.


I should be able to create some type of bootable installed on a thumb drive or a hard drive right?

According to this article:

the high sierra updater should be able to update from Mountain Lion directly.

But if you’re having trouble getting a large download to work on your system, you may have bigger problems. It is possible to download these updates on one Mac and move them to another Mac. They’re either applications or .dmg files (depending upon the macOS version), so you can copy them like any other file.


Read this and see if this helps. I’m not sure you can download Mountain Lion anymore, but I believe you still need that to jump to High Sierra.