List of Apple Apps using SwiftUI in iOS

Here is an interesting article listing the apps that are built using SwiftUI in iOS. Relatively small number, but I was surprised to learn Maps was built using this technology. That is a big impressive app that performs well in my opinion.

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Interesting post; thanks! I’ll be subscribing to that blog.

Would be nice to know which parts of an app like Maps are using Swift UI. His binary analysis tells us which technologies are present but not to what degree or in which parts. For Swift UI, I could see something like the information panel for a location.

His raw data for Maps:

/private/var/staged_system_apps/ |Objective-C
/private/var/staged_system_apps/ |Objective-C|Swift|SwiftUI|C++
/private/var/staged_system_apps/ |Objective-C|Swift|SwiftUI
/private/var/staged_system_apps/ |Objective-C
/private/var/staged_system_apps/ |Objective-C

I think that would be difficult to do without the source code. SwiftUI itself is built on top of UIKit, so I’d assume all SwiftUI apps are always a combination of Objective-C and Swift. SwiftUI also allows you to embed UIKit widgets inside a SwiftUI view, so how would you classify that?