List of cars with good CarPlay

I’d add that Siri takes care of 95% of what I need to do in the car. I barely need the touch screen and feel safer without using it.

Jaguar XE here. Mostly fine - simple touch-screen interface to Car Play. A bug in the system means however that when you are connected via CarPlay that the phone automatically uses the SIM and data associated with the in-car entertainment system. Since that has very low data capacity I have to remember to turn off data on the car before attaching my phone to use Car Play. Not a big deal as you can modify the main car home screen to do this with a single button press, and the phone then reverts to using its own data, but thought I would put this out there as it took me a couple of months to work out why my in-car SIM data allowance would last all month some months and then a couple of days the next month…

Funnily enough I do phone calls and texts and navigation via Siri and most podcast interactions via touch. If a podcast app hasn’t downloaded the newest episode I find that Siri can handle that. I mostly do music via Siri.

You can buy a CarPlay-enabled radio and replace the standard one. Why make a car decision based on something you can buy separately?

I’m probably missing something important, but I just looked on Amazon and can see several CarPlay radio options.

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Cars use the big display for lots of things today - controlling the HVAC is the major one - it’s often a challenge getting that onto your aftermarket CarPlay deck. Getting the steering wheel controls hooked up right often is less that 100% right.

When I looked at the cost of having somebody else install a new head unit, I just decide to wait for the new car.

Car rental experience tells me that Ford, Kia and Hyundai all have good CarPlay in them. Because rental companies only buy certain brands, there are a bunch that I haven’t tried.

I have had a rental car with a super dim screen. Test drive on a sunny day to be sure the screen will actually be visible in the day.

I second the notion that touch screen is better than remote jog wheels for CarPlay.

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The touch screen firmware is in the car

Is there a guide if what I can ask Siri to do? I’ve onlg been able to turn WiFi , Bluetooth on and off, and send limited text messages. I can’t get it to read text messages or play my music, let alone navigate

From what I’ve read, Siri only works with apples podcast app, which is lame. I use PocketCasts- if would be nice to use Siri to control it. I listen to podcasts while I commute. I usually start a podcast and don’t stop until I get to work though. If a podcast finishes while I’m driving, the next one in the playlist starts.

I subscribe to more than 65 podcasts, I don’t know how good Siri would work if I told it to play a podcast by name

Not sure what you’ve read but it’s wrong… Overcast has great support.

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You can say e.g. “tell joe I’ll be home by two “ and it should answer by preparing a text message to joe, rating it back and offering to send it or change it.

Directions are just “give me directions to”

@dfay I said nothing about Overcasts

I was just pointing out that it in fact works with Overcast via Siri shortcuts.

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“Take me to work “ “take me home”

It’s very interesting to hear your experience so far with Acura and CarPlay. Currently driving a 2019 are RDX and having a ton of problems with CarPlay. Specifically, phone calls switch off/on 3/4 times per call. Dealer says a fix for CarPlay playing nicely with Acura’s OEM system is coming. They’ve been saying that for 13 months. Have you heard anything different from your dealer?

I’m sorry to hear that your having these issues, let’s hope they get solved soon.

Everyone who thinks CarPlay experiences is the same in all cars - please read this

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I will check next time I’m at the dealer. My first oil change is coming up. I live in Maple Grove a suburb of Minneapolis. Let’s keep this forum/thread active. CarPlay is s service that has to be actively supported by Apple and the car companies offering CarPlay in their vehicles. I say that because I know some Suburu owners have been having a hell of a time getting CarPlay working and this shouldn’t be the case anymore.

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What are you going to ask the dealer? They will tell you anything to sell a car, they only care about making a sale.

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I now have another pressing reason to get another car with a solid CarPlay implementation. One of our cars is no longer operational (it’s totaled), my wife will be driving with whatever replacement we end up getting. I would like this to be as reliable as possible.

+1 for Chevy Bolt. If you have 2 cars, get an EV for daily runabout and commutes and keep the internal combustion engine (ICE) for road trips and zombie apocalypses.

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