Live online excel /numbers document to share?

Producing a live show and all the schedules and run times and everything is in a numbers document. I usually print this as a PDF and send it to people. I would like to have a solution where I don’t have to send PDFs all around, but have an online version that always up-to-date. My mind is stuck on which service or solution to use, trying to avoid google at all costs, but are there any other solutions?

Why not Numbers? It has a ‘collaborate’ function.

Microsoft Excel also has collaboration capabilities like Numbers.

You could also use the online version of Numbers or Excel Online.

Thanks. Well, the viewers are not supposed to edit the document, and they are on different plattforms - does numbers work for this?

Companies almost always use Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. With long established companies usually preferring MS and newer companies like Netflix and Uber opting for Google. But there are lots of others to choose from.

And Apple prefers… well… Apple (iWork)! :grin:

Are there any organizations out there that use iWork?

@lasso, you might want to take a look at what Microsoft offers.

May I ask why you’re trying to avoid Google? This isn’t a use case where you’d be feeding them any personal information. You can exploit their free services for this public thing like you’d exploit a one night-stand.

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I’m sure there are plenty of small businesses, that rarely if ever need to exchange documents with others, that can use iWork. And I’ve known several MS Office users that launch Keynote instead of PowerPoint every time they needed to work on a presentation.

But OpenOffice is far more compatible with Microsoft Office than Numbers and I would still get a few complex spreadsheets every year that required MSO.

The last company I worked for used iWork pretty much exclusively. It was great.

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Yes. As I mentioned in a previous discussion most of my users needed only a basic spreadsheet to do their work so I installed OpenOffice on all my Mac and Windows computers. Later, after Oracle acquired OO I switched to LibreOffice.

Both suites were virtually identical at that time and we had zero problems exchanging files with my MS Office users as long as the spreadsheets were not password protected.

In fact LibreOffice/OpenOffice was able to open spreadsheets created in older versions of Excel that the current version from Microsoft couldn’t. So even my Office 365 users had the program installed just in case.

Was that before OpenOffice halted its development?

it also opens Quattro Pro (corel ca.1998) spreadsheets!

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Is LibreOffice not able to do that? It’s a fork of OpenOffice after all.

No idea - it’s been years since i had to do so.

Wait, really? That must’ve been an absolute dream!

I haven’t heard of a single company that uses iWork, but I would pay extra to work for one that does. :laughing:

I didn’t know work on OO had stopped. I retired 3 years ago and use my iPad Pro most of the time.

For many years now, LibreOffice has been the go-to office suite for former OpenOffice users.

Yes. You can set view only and it’s accessible online.

Uh, no? It was just a relevant recommendation for the OP.