Live outside the US? We'll have to wait 'til late 2024 or beyond to buy the Vision Pro (rumour)

From The Verge, sharing another Mark Gurman report:

The headset, which is set to launch in the US early next year, won’t be available in other countries until late 2024, Gurman says. After it releases the Vision Pro in the US, Apple will reportedly bring the headset to the UK and Canada afterward, with other countries in Asia and Europe to follow.

This probably isn’t a bad thing. I want to wait to see first impressions/speculate about gen 2/etc., but curiosity probably would have gotten the best of me.

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This is awesome news. Gives me sufficient time to save up the CASH…

Sometimes products not releasing in my country works out well for my wallet. I was so tempted to grab the Google Pixel Fold but it’s US only…

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