Live Stream of Podcast


I was wondering if anyone has advice or links about “creating a live stream for a podcast”.

I was tasked to record a live stream of a podcast for the next few weeks. It will be a local recording and eventually remote in the future.

Here is my thought process and I just need someone advice.

1 host, 3 guests, (total of 4 people face to face)

  • need to figure out how to tell for someone to dial-in to ask questions

Each person has an xlr microphone (shure sm58) (not sure about the caller)
Audio is going into the Zoom H6.

That covers the audio recording.

As far as video…I thought about putting up an iPad Pro on a tripod or an iPhone, but then how to get that audio from all 4 people into the video properly.

Other cameras I have at home are the following.

Canon Vixia HF R42 Camcorder
Canon EOS R Camera
Canon EOS Rebel t3i

What’s the best way to do all this?
I assume to do a Facebook Live or push out to Youtube. What’s the best connection methods?

Audio would be ripped later on and posted to a podcast service.