Live-streaming Equipment Discussion (Audio or Video)

Hey MPU,

I had an interesting discussion with a colleague this week. I wanted to get your thoughts. At home, I personally have the Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 (3rd Gen) with a Shure SM58 mic and since my mac is in clamshell mode, I repurposed my old Go Pro Hero 4 and connected it with the Elgato Cam Link 4K for my video setup (in case I need to be on a Video Conference call). This setup works for using Zoom or Skype. On the Focusrite the first channel is my XLR mic, then I am taking the headphone out of my Macbook (3.5mm) into the second channel on my Focusrite. (I am still messing around with the Audio Hijack settings - screenshot attached for those who are curious)

My colleague (# 1) who will be doing a similar setup as mine asked me for my opinion on an equipment. I told him what I use. As our next colleague (# 2) joined our call, he said my setup was unnecessary, and was advising that the money should be spent instead on the Rode CasterPro and the Rode PodMic instead.

Of course, natural human tendencies take over and I question my own setup. I also question that this week on a Zoom video podcast, the host has asked me how to allow people to “call-in” without accessing Zoom. I am trying to figure out how to get my cell phone into this whole mix now and wondering about my own equipment.


My key thought is that #2 said that “money should be spent”, suggesting they were advising something different for people who had yet to buy a setup.
You have something, it works, so don’t go looking to spend money replacing it.

Also, you don’t need to call in because you have Internet access and a mic’ed setup, so I don’t think including your phone is what was meant.

Hi @GraemeS thanks for the reply!

Yes, sorry I should have specified. I am personally not calling in, I am already connected. Unless there is a better idea, I was planning on using a Google Number on my cell phone, so my cell phone needs to receive the “callers”. I am trying to see how to can I screen callers. There doesn’t seem to a feature for this on Zoom.

I need a better video solution than the laptop’s camera.

I have a DSLR, which I can mount on a tripod. I would like to use it to have excellent video quality. It outputs HDMI video, so what device do you recommend to get the DSLR’s video into a video conference/webinar?

Check out the Elgato Cam Link 4K just make sure your camera is listed for being compatible. You need to be able to get clean HDMI.