Live Video, Keynote, and Zoom

Does anyone know if you can feed a Zoom meeting into Apple Keynote as Live Video?

If so, any tutorials would be very helpful.


Apple’s help says Live Video can take input from external cameras (not just Apple devices), so it may be possible to get Zoom added if you can use software to turn the Zoom video stream into a virtual camera. OBS Studio might be one option to do this (

Note: I’ve never used OBS Studio, I have just listened to the pros talk about it (Alex Lindsay’s Office Hours).

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It doesn’t look like the Live Video feature in Keynote recognizes virtual cameras (e.g. OBS, Ecamm Live, mmhmm). When I add a new live video source on my M1 MacBook Pro, only the built-in webcam and my external webcam (Elgato FaceCam) are available.

In comparison, Zoom allows me to choose between my two hardware cameras and three virtual cameras.

Zoom - Camera Selection in Settings

On a side note, FaceTime doesn’t support virtual cameras, so it’s not surprising that virtual camera support is missing from Keynote’s Live Video feature as well.

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I would love this! I reached out to Chris Fenwick from Office Hours to see if he could offer any suggestions, but he hasn’t gotten back to me.

Yes… that’s my understanding too. Still hoping I or someone can engineer a solution.