Location permissions reset after minor iOS 15 upgrades?

Being the “system administrator” for my (extended) family I updated a few iPhones and iPads to iOS 15.0.2 today during a family visit (I have enabled automatic updates on all these devices, but iOS does not update automatically on any of them :cry:). The owner of one of those devices (iPhone 11) later told me that several Apps requested (previously given) location permissions again. She noticed the same behavior after previous iOS 15 updates (15.0 and 15.0.1).

I have never experienced this before on any device I take care of. Is anyone else suffering from this?

How to fix this?

I haven’t seen that, but my suggestion would be simple: reboot the iOS device and see if it happens again.

I think I faced this issue yesterday when Strava on my Apple Watch asked me to give location permissions on the phone. I think I’ve had to do this exact same thing at least once before in recent weeks and was wondering why they’re being reset?