Location reminder not showing up in CarPlay

I’ve noticed that since the recent updates, a location reminder I have set does not show up through CarPlay. I have a reminder that when I get within .5 miles from the office to close the sunshade. It shows up on the iPhone not the car.

Anyone else experiencing anything similar with location reminders?

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Are you getting any Siri suggestions on CarPlay? Maybe they got turned off in CarPlay settings?

I don’t believe so. Everything else is working fine, I’m just not getting the location reminder.

Obvious question but is the sunshade down when you get to the office?

The location reminder is to remind me to close the panaramic moonroof shade once I get within .5 miles from the office. I want to avoid accidentally leaving the shade open and the hot sun beaming down all day into the car. This worked fine before the OS updates. I’ve checked all of the CarPlay settings on the iPhone but don’t see anything that needs changed.

I’m puzzled. I’m open to any ideas! :slight_smile:

So is the sunshade in the car or in your office? I’m so confused…. :man_shrugging:

I don’t know of an office with a panoramic moonroof but to clarify, my car. :slight_smile:

Where I live, you’d be surprised, lol.

I just tried this with the Reminders app asking me to remind me about something when I arrived at home. It worked, although it took about a minute to alert me after arriving at home. The reminders notification showed up at the bottom of my CarPlay screen, as well as on my phone and watch.

Maybe delete the old reminder and make a new one with the location trigger? Maybe something got damaged on that particular reminder through the update…

I’d love a moonroof in my office! :slight_smile:

The behavior you describe is what I’m getting now. Before the update, the reminder would properly show up ~.5 miles from my office. Now it shows up about a minute after arriving even though I have the radius set at .5. I’ll delete Reminders, reinstall and see if that works. Thanks! :slight_smile: