Login problems, this site isnt 1PW friendly

When I created my login for this site, i had to manually paste everything into 1PW. Now when I try to login, the site doesnt take my login name, nor email address. It does recognize them though, because Ive used eacch one to reset my password. Thats the only way I can login, is to reset my password each time. Why did we have to leave facebook?

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I’ve had no problems with 1Password and this site, make sure the url is set to https://talk.macpowerusers.com.


That’s the URL I’m using. 1PW recognizes the site (nowthat Ive manually created the login for it. It didn’t create the login automatically, like it is supposed to), but not my login credentials.

Although I’m logged in from my iPad at the moment, I haven’t tried the Mac yet.

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I have the same issue. The link takes you to the maIn page (if that’s the right nomenclature). You then need to tap the login button. The brings up another login box. No details are transferred over from 1PW.
I’m using the app on the iPad to get round this.

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Which app are you using to get around this?

I’m using 1PW on the iPad too. The page still requires me pasting in my credentials, (which aren’t recognized), I then have to reset my PW to get in.

I’ll post a message on the Agile Software site

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Try the Discourse app on iOS, it works very well.

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Oh no, not discourse.

Well, I had to try it. The funny thing about 1PW is, it logged me into the discourse app for the MPU url, but the web browser complained about my login credentials. They are the same credentials- they were pulled from the same login entry in 1 PW. Go figure.

1PW worked like a charm for me. I did do a save when the auto prompt came up though.

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We’re you on iOS?
The auto prompt never came up, this happens a lot with 1pw

Yep, using my iPad…

Same issue for me. 1Password doesn’t work with this site for me. I have to manually login every time. I’m using 1Password 7 (if that makes a difference). Safari Keychain also doesn’t pick up the login credentials either. Any chance we could get a “remember me” option on the login?


Is everyone who is having issues on iOS?

Site works fine for me on my Mac, but I’ve never even though about using it on my iPad. Nope. I just logged in on my iPad, worked fine.

Logged in with 1Password on iPad and Mac, and iCloud keychain on iPad and Mac. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ?

https://talk.macpowerusers.com (the https is important).

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I’m logging in on a Mac using Safari (High Sierra) and 1PW fills out and logs in. However, I did have 1PW save my password and then I clicked ‘convert to login’ in 1PW (V7 by the way)

It has been working fine for me. With 1Password (7) on a PC, on a Mac, on the iPad, on an iPhone I have no issues whatsoever logging into the MPU Discourse forums. I tried it using Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Maybe, there is an issue with 1Password, when creating or saving the login data (username and password) automatically. I have created the login manually in 1Password. That may explain why it works on my end.

So, maybe it is worth checking:

  • Correct URL in 1Password (https://talk.macpowerusers.com)?
  • Correct username in 1Password?
  • Correct password in 1Password? (maybe, it is worth to reset the password in Discourse in order to be sure that the saved password in 1Password is the correct one)

If everything is correct, 1Password should work. I did not have it fail once under MacOS, iOS or Windows.

1PW frequently does not automatically pop up to add new logins, for me, on Mac, Ios, and Windows. Several websites not pop up a separate window for logging in, these appear to be running in a separate process from the browser, which I suspect is why 1 PW has problems.

Sorry, I was referring to the login process, after the login already has been stored correctly in 1Password.

I do not use the functionality of 1Password storing logins automatically. I prefer creating logins in 1Password manually when registering for a website and have been doing it this way for years. Doing so provides me with clean login data in 1Password. I do not like to have too much data junk (unneeded text input fields for instance) being stored automatically in 1Password.

What I intended to say: If username, password and URL are being stored correctly in 1Password, I did not have a problem with Discourse or any other website on iOS, MacOS or Windows. Of course, this has been only my experience. :slight_smile:

I created my account here with 1PW 7 (with subscription to their service for sync) on my iPad, but it’s not syncing to my other devices. I’m sure it’s no5 because of discourse but I find it odd; other accounts are syncing.

Edit: Ignore this, I finally figured it out. It went into a vault on my iPad that isn’t synced anywhere else, nor should it have been my default.

Use the app, Luke! lol

Seriously, the discourse iOS app is really nice. Try it!

I saw an interesting way to setup a new login from someone using Bitwarden https://youtu.be/dBPfr7Jiddw?t=2m50s

They create the login first in the password manager so that they make sure to have the correct info instead of inputing it on the website first and the website messing up or the plugin messing up and not saving the credentials. This way of doing it should be standard in the industry.

FWIW: After getting set up, I have never had to re-enter my username & password on my iPad no matter whether I access via Safari or the Discourse app. I have 1PW v7 but I don’t see how that factors in since once logged in I never need to again.