Logitech Circle View

Just a quick review of one feature of Logitech’s latest Circle View with HomeKit Secure Video (HSV).

We picked up one of these a couple of weeks ago—the plan was to try to find a private, reliable solution for a baby monitor that can be used to capture cute moments/share with extended fam/etc., without paying exorbitant amounts + a subscription for it.

The camera works as expected. Reasonable picture quality, good-enough sound quality.

But HSV is so cool. And, unexpectedly, it works on the Apple Watch.

We were expecting to have to dial a device into ‘baby monitor mode’ and leave it up while kiddo is sleeping—and we’ll probably still do this most of the time—but we can actually pull it up on our watch and see and hear whatever’s happening from the camera’s perspective. Super neat!!

I would love a way to record video manually (currently it only triggers via automatic recognition of movement and a few other options), but otherwise it seems like a sweet device.


Just a word of caution; I’m using mine with HomeKit and about two weeks in it began dropping its connection unexpectedly. I’m seeing elsewhere that others are experiencing the same thing. Have tried just about everything I can think of and still no solution. Also have eufycam 2’s and those have been flawless.

I went low tech on the baby monitors and that has been rock solid (4 kids later)…

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Aha, two weeks. Just in time to lose return status eh? Mine is past that point now anyway.

Good to know, though! Our house is pretty small, so I am not so worried about depending on it for the kiddo’s safety (i.e., it is pretty easy to hear everything in every other room), but maybe I’ll be very frustrated in a few months…

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