Logitech MX Master - Fantastic mouse

Just opened and started using a Logitech MX Master - not the latest model, but the Amazon second gen I think?

This thing feels great. First piece of ‘expensive’ peripheral hardware I’ve gotten. As I use Excel extensively at work the side scrolling will be especially useful.

The quick switching which I have on a portably K380 keyboard for using the iPad alongside my work PC is also very welcome. I’m thinking of getting a K780 for work so I can stand my iPhone and iPad up in front of the work PC. Handy for following instructions off the main PC screen.

I think the MX Master Pro is a bit overkill for my personal life iPad only lifestyle but here’s to hoping iPad OS 14 builds on using a mouse as on a desktop!

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I haven’t even tried the BT mouse support on the iPad. How’s the experience?

The reason I ask is that my Mom is iPad only and she used to love her external mouse even with a laptop, and I wonder if she might like a BT mouse for her iPad as a Christmas present.


Can you use the on-screen keyboard with the mouse connected? Whenever I connect mine, it becomes unusable. Turn off the mouse and the keyboard comes back.

Ah ha! Scroll down in the AssistiveTouch settings and there is a toggle for showing the on screen keyboard.

It’s quite good. I was one of these ‘iPad doesn’t need mouse support’ people, until I missed using my Mac with an external monitor and desk setup… Now that world’s open up to me with iPad in a way that I can set it face down on the desk and use it like a real desktop PC. Just looking forward to the day the aspect ratio gets sorted out as it’s vertically letterboxed. But the mouse makes it all work. I must admit though, the MX Master’s benefits are mostly all wasted with iPad OS but will improve over time I’m sure.

When you want to use the mouse only with iPad, I would go with the MX Anywhere 2S. I also read good thing about the Arc Mouse from Microsoft (https://www.microsoft.com/accessories/en-us/products/mice/microsoft-arc-mouse).


I have just got the Logitech MX Master 3 and it is great. With a bit of playing around, it is very configurable and works very well. All of the buttons other than the thumb scroll wheel are programmable for things like accessing the Dock, home screen, app switcher, Control Panel, notifications and more. Really liking using it so far.


The best feature is programming your buttons for different apps.

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Literally just got my hands on it; I had heard that you could do that, but haven’t looked at how to try that yet! Time to keep playing…

Your buttons can do something in a text editor and something different in a browser :slight_smile: So long the action is connected with a keyboard shortcut.

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