Long Distance Music Collaboration

I’m trying to collaborate with another musician, building ideas when we’re apart and then being able to really work on them when we get together.

I’m a drummer. I have electronic drums. And I’m Mac/iOS.

He’s a guitar player. He has Ableton, but he’s a PC.

Any thoughts on how to do this right? I am hoping not to spend a ton of money to make it happen. But I also want to approach it in a way that will make anything I send him useful.

I could use midi to record my electronic drums, one mic recording of my acoustic drum set, or whatever people who know what they are doing tend to do.

File sizes should not be a big problem with current broadband speeds, but I still think that MIDI is a good way to go. Especially if you will mainly be playing the electronic drum kit. Ableton should be able to import that nicely, and you’ll get one separate track per drum / cymbal that can be tweaked in the mix later. You can also apply the same performance across all available drum kits in Ableton.

Good luck!

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