Long Wake from Sleep on 10.13.6

Anyone else experiencing super long wake from sleep on 10.13.6? Both my 5k iMac and 2015 Macbook Pro are taking much longer to wake. In the case of the iMac a Thunderbolt bus powered drive connected to the iMac is going offline while the Mac is in sleep mode. Creating a lot of headaches.

I have the same problem, but it started when I was still on 10.12
Waking up takes a long time (maybe half a minute), but not always. It used to be immediately. Of course I have several windows open and apps running, but I don’t think I have anything new in my setup that explains this.
I had the feeling it started when I got my Apple Watch, but the problem remains when I turn of „unlock with Watch“.
Did you find a solution @LonSeidman?