Looking for a checklist app!


How do you like Ikiru? I tried it, but didn’t care for it. I like Paperless a lot more.

All in all, I’m quite happy with Ikiru.

I like the folder organization. In the main screen I have 6 checklist I use often and the other checklists are organized in folders.

The syncing with iCloud works better for me than Dropbox syncing in paperless.

I don’t like that i have to swipe to check an item (which is ironic for a checklist app), but I’m used to that.

The design is pretty good, it fits better in ios7-11 than paperless, which is more ios6 style.

And Ikiru has split screen on iPad, which is sometime useful.

I never liked the look of it. And I love checking off items so swiping to do that sucks. I’m curious. How do you make folders in the app? I don’t see how you do that.

I keep my checklists in Evernote

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I use SplashShopper now that it finally works again. I love it for shopping list because of the one single feature that no other shopping list program has, ability to put a single item as available in multiple stores and then view the list of wanted items by store and when you check it off at one place it’s gone from all other stores lists as well.

As a checklist program I use it for a packing list and my list of what I need to fill my lambing bag with each season. Also for what to take to a yearly picnic for a club I belong to.

I have several checklists for things like travel packing and monthly shopping items. I am currently storing them in Apple Notes.

I would like to be able to quickly import the checklist into OmniFocus 3 when I need to use the list to pack for a trip or do monthly shopping.

Where are you keeping your checklists? How are you handling this type of scenario?

Thanks in advance for your input!


I merged your thread into this one Mark as they seem to be extremely complementary to one another! :slight_smile:

I keep my checklists in Paperless and go there for events, trips, movies I want to watch etc. I would post a picture, but since I’m on the beta I can’t.

In Ikiru you can make lists inside lists, which in practice works as a folder. For example you can have a list/folder Stuff to bring when going out, and inside it make four lists, Going to work, Gym, Football, Out with the kids. I hope it’s clear what I mean

Thinking about it, the swiping was pretty annoying on a iPhone Plus and it’s ok on iPhone X. But I understand why you don’t like it

You can do the same in AnyList! I’ve been using that to fit my needs and absolutely LOVE it!

What do checklist apps have over omnioutliner?

Check out Agenda, which is a notes based app with some adavance features. Their subscription approach is also very good. I believe they were also one of Apples design winners.

I’m curious! How do you make a list within a list in the app?

In the top right corner, the button to create a new list is this one

And you can also move a list that you already have inside another list. First use the select/ edit button,


then select the list you want to move,


press move (or copy)


and select the list where you want the selection to go

Thank you! I think what I was thinking was a little different.

There are so many options here :wink: .

But to only name a few apps (that I’ve tried and liked) that can be used to create lists that can be used repeatedly:

  • MindNode
    • A mindmapping application that also supports an outline view for checking things off. I worked a lot with dedicated outlining apps in the past but MindNode has won me over. The flexibiity of using a mindmapping application that can display an outline with checkboxes when needed is just awesome!
  • AnyList
  • Cloud Outliner Pro
  • Carbonfin Outliner

i’m looking for EASY re-peating checklist tool that has a web version in addition to ios/mac…what won’t work Evernote, Work Flowy, Trello (i’ve tried)

for me I have a lot of repeating checklist and need quick uncheck/all type of functionality

please let me know if you all have suggestions

i’m about to try (Any List) this out now thanks

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ALOT of ppl suggest this app its way to minimal for me lol i can’t figure out what to do…using workflowy - do you have repeatable checklists?

Anylist is great, and free. but if you pay the minuscule subscription price ($7.99 / year for an individual or $11.99 / year for a family) you get access to the Mac app which I use all the time:

(Crossed-off items can be hidden if wanted, and you can assign stores to specific items then focus on just those items when shopping at a specific store.)

I’ve even attached pics taken with my iPhone to some household items like lightbulbs to make sure I’m getting the right item when I shop


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