Looking for a good UK based hosting company

I manage three charity websites. I use Sendy and machforms. As the forms collect personal details, and Sendy also has personal details I’d like the data hosted on a UK server/UK jurisdiction company.

Email is piped to O365 or fastmail.

I’m currently with Dreamhost, but have not enjoyed it. I’ve had a lot of trouble with their modsec rules and don’t like the inability to do some DNS changes. Support has been good though.

Can anyone recommend good hosting in the UK please?

Mythic Beasts has been my go to for hosting in the UK. Had no issues with them and they’re UK based, with hosting in London and Cambridge.

I’ve since however moved my email to Fastmail and have my website hosted using Fastmail now (and the Fastmail WebDAV sync for my Zotero library) as I wanted to cut back on subscriptions and my hosting is just plain HTML files with low traffic (Hugo based website).

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AWS is also an option.

I use justhostme.co.uk

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