Looking for a Keynote slide sorter for ALL my slide presentations

I have hundreds of keynote talks with maybe 2000+ total slides. Anyone know of an app that will extract all my Keynote slides from all my presentations onto a “light table” to let me sort and use to make a new presentation. Would greatly speed up prepping new talks using old slides (right now I need to open a dozen or more talks, look at them, and drag and drop).

Someone once suggested adding every slide to a new Keynote show, but this would take forever and I’m not sure what the upper limit for total slides that a Keynote presentation is.

Any ideas? TIA

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I understand your intention, but I do not know an app that is capable to do so.
On the other hand, I wouldn’t do, what you want to do. If those are really a couple of thousand slides, it seems to be impossible to keep the Overview of them.
What about sorting your keynote files in some filesystem, where you could pick up the keynotes fitting your next presentation, and then run thru them to pick the slides you need?
Are you able to search inside your Keynote files?
Otherwise I would also export them into a PDF, to make them searchable, so you could search what you want inside the PDF, and then pick the related Keynote to export the slides you need.

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My initial thoughts went to the same place as @Ulli . Outputting into PDF of jpeg and using that as a sort of contact sheet. Outputting as jpgs will give each slide a unique ID, I think a PDF will be one file per presentation.

I did this a few years ago for a small set of presentations and it was really useful - however your task id massive!

You could look at something like this https://slideboxx.com/powerpoint-library-for-mac.html . You will need to convert to powerpoint, but that might still might be easier


Thanks, Ulli! I see your point ablout trudging through an enormous set of slides to pick out the best ones for a talk. I think I may just create a few dozen “mini-slide decks” on the different topics that I speak about. That way, I will be able to update the mini-decks as new data is published, and can later “plug-in” those topics as needed to create a new complete talk.

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Thanks, Nick. I am going to try this jpeg export approach! Also, I had never heard of Slideboxx, and am eager to try it out! For many talks that I give, they require PPT, (it’s still a big Mac-hating world out there) and when I convert Keynote to PPT, usually the fonts and formatting needs extensive repair, but may be worth it. Thanks so much!

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