Looking for a minimalist shoulder bag for mbp15

I have the smaller version of this Timbuk2 bag, which I use when I only need to carry my iPad and a keyboard. I think a larger version would suit your purposes.

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Have earlier version of this bag. Using to carry iPad, Bluetooth keyboard… Assume your gear will fit.

Up to on Genuine Leather 15.6" Laptop Messenger Bag www.amazon.com/dp/B01L3KPHEY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_SzA3CbM277X4M

It’s not really about fitting as much gear as possible - quite the opposite. I just need the actual laptop, and MAYBE the power supply, and I don’t want to bump into people on the train because I have extra space to fit seventeen adapters into it…
Whenever I do need the seventeen adapters, I’ll just use the Peak Design Backpack, which has room aplenty.

I always found this one from Hard Graft very classy…

Bellory have some nice one too.

Oooh, purty… The Hard Graft might in fact be the best one so far… Wonder if I can get it locally…

They sell only online


Here’s a weird one: https://drop.com/buy/massdrop-x-intern-series-2-laptop-folio

I know you wrote that shipping to Norway was prohibitive, but just to mention this bag for the OP and others

I carry this on the subway. It carries as little or as much gear than it appears it would – MPB 15" + iPad and accessories – and the cross body design makes it easy to swing the bag from your back to your front if you need access of for sitting on the train.

The Bolt was already on my list. For those interested, here is my list: https://pinboard.in/u:tofagerl/t:bags/
I initially had more from this thread, but I whittled it down to those I am considering.
Right now the Techwear Intern “bag” intrigues me so much that I’m planning to buy that and a couple of pouches, to see if I like it. If I don’t, I’m not as much in the hole as with I would be by paying $400 for a Waterfield bag with shipping, tax and vat, and fees for being allowed the pleasure of paying the tax and vat of course. (EU, come save us Norwegians, please! We’ll stop whaling, none of us likes the taste anyway! I think we do it just to spite the Americans now.)

I use a Booq backpack when I don’t need to take too much and a Swissgear when I have more to carry. Maybe this Booq would suit ? https://www.booqbags.com/collections/laptop-bags-for-13-15-inch-macbook-pro/products/superslim-13-black-tan

Perfect. Adding to list. In fact, I might get this and the weird “tactical commuter who clearly is way too into gadgets” one from drop.com, since I’m a commuter who is way too into gadgets. No tactics, though.

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Strangely the Booq website says it no longer sells in the USA and has a link to a site in Canada that sells their products.

Actually that one is quite easily found locally. Not at $60, but at $80, which isn’t bad with vat.
Edit: Actually, they might be lying about their stock, they all seem to have it at a semi-mythical “remote storage” area. You know, like “the back” of the store.

I ordered the weird one from drop.com basically for the giggles. Still think the Waterfield Zip Brief with the weird name is the best looking, so that’s plan b.

I have been using a Thule for years. This is similar to the one I have.

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Timbuk2 makes amazing bags. I have three in various styles / sizes dependent on need. They are damn near impossible to break or tear and have never had one fail. Customizing the look you want is super easy and really makes it enjoyable using it.

I’m in love with these: https://www.carlfriedrik.com

So many different takes on what minimalist means :wink:

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I’ve been a fan of Waterfield SFBags for a long time and have a few things from them. It’s pricy but I’ve been so incredibly happy it’s worth it to me to spend the money. Just thought it might help if you’re leaning toward them (which now I want that bag!).

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All right! Roundup time!
Loved that I got so many suggestions, and rounded them down to 8. (https://pinboard.in/u:tofagerl/t:bags/)
In the end, I ordered both the weird “system” from Massdrop (hereafter known as Weirdbag) and the Zip Laptop Brief. Normally I would have waited until I received the Weirdbag before I made the decision to order from WaterField, but a colleague went to the US just now, so I got him to bring it with him home, saving me about $150 in customs, taxes and fees.
And I’m glad I did. The Weirdbag is really cool, but there’s no real strap to it, just a beltlike thing which made no sense on the picture and is even weirder in person. It’s also not very rugged, which is weird considering the “techwear” feel. In the end, it feels more like an impractical laptop insert for a bigger bag than a bag on its own.

The Zip bag is much better looking, and able to stand on its own as a thing you would wear, but the strap sucks, and it’s really heavy. I also made a mistake when ordering though, so I got a larger bag than I actually needed. (Turns out the 15" Retina is not the same as the 15" with Touch Bar) That doesn’t really matter, as the difference is small enough to not even notice.

In the end, I’m using the Zip bag with a different strap right now - in fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve lost the original strap somewhere. However, I can see myself using the Weirdbag without a strap say if I’m going to a meeting outside the building, or if it’s super hot and I just want to carry the absolute smallest amount of gear possible.