Looking for a replacement for vJournal

I used to use an app called vJournal and it would automatically timestamp the entries and create a new note daily with the date. They stopped developing it and I am lost. Does anyone have an app or a workflow that can fit this need?


I use PopClip, and one of the included extensions is ‘Timestamp’ which in any document I’m in lets me with a double click paste in date/time in this format:

2018-09-16 20:59:00

Hello @Manfernan
I have used 1Writer on iOS as a daily journal while on holidays.
It has a number of options in preferences including starting a new document each time you open the app, see pic below, and has a time stamp facility as well.
I like using markdown so it satisfies that need too.

When the app is first ooend there is a settings gear top left

In the app there are actions which can be freely downloaded that include time stamps.

Hope that helps. I also write the same journal using nvALT on the macOS. They are both stored in Dropbox.


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