Looking for a widget to display text from .csv, .xml or rss feed

I think it was @MacSparky who mentioned the really nicely designed widgets for the Affirmations app.

I’m hooked on the concept, now, but I want to display quotes, affirmations, smartass comments, etc. that I gather myself for my phone. For example, short quotes from James Clear, Seth Godin, @MacSparky or @ismh.

It would work like this: I’d load up the appropriate file with individual text items and the app/widget would display the snippets I curated at a configurable interval. Bonus points for categories with configurable display templates/rules.

Does anything like this exist? I know that I can add these one-at-a-time in Affirmations, but I would rather do these in batches to save massive amounts of time. Also, if it’s loading an external file, we could share our own collections of text files for sharing!

Double bonus points to be able to specify a click-through URL for each/any item in the .csv that opens in the default browser. Or URL scheme support!

I think you could do this with Scriptable and a text file. You’d need to code it yourself in JS though. If you hop on over to the Automators forum, you can probably find people to help you with it if you don’t know Javascript.

I’ve also wanted to create something like this for a while so if I manage to put a script together I will post it here.

This is on my someday list as well…

If you contact Justin, the creator of Affirmations, I bet he would be open to adding support for a whole file, or Shortcuts support for adding Affirmations to allow you to do this.


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Hi, Rosemary! Thanks for the suggestion.

I did, previously, contact Justin and he said he was not considering that as an enhancement. Maybe if enough people ask… :slight_smile:

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