Looking for an app that makes sure an app is running?

Hi everyone, I’m looking for an app or script that would check if an app (Paste.app)is running, and if not, launch the app (or notify me). Any thoughts? Suggestions?

Every now and then it will crash and I’ll copy thinking it’s running only to find later my text is not available to paste.

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RescueTime used to die on me periodically. I used this Keyboard Maestro macro to keep it running.

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Thank you for sharing John! I hadn’t thought of that. I’m glad I asked and glad I have Keyboard Maestro.

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This is good. What if the Mac is shutting down? Mine sometimes gets stuck during the shutdown process and I have to take some manual actions to all the system to finish shutting down.

So perhaps "if app is not running and system is not shutting down, launch app "