Looking for an app that manages recordings

I’m a songwriter, and for years I have used an app called TapeDeck to write songs. It functions like an an old school tape recorder and I can record little bits of the song and keep them organized by color/label. Lately, the software has not been updated and has numerous bugs that I don’t think will be addressed. Does anyone have an alternative?

Basically the equivalent of Bear but for audio notes only… if that makes sense.

MusicMemos & GarageBand? Both free from Apple.


I have used Evernote for this purpose for years, I create a new note for each song idea and each note contains multiple audio notes (audio quality can be adjusted in settings), lyric ideas and sometimes scanned PDF charts etc.

Organization is really flexible with tags, notebooks and notebook “stacks.”

For quick capture (inspiration is fleeting), I have a Workflow workflow that, with one tap, opens the system audio recorder and immediately begins recording. The second tap saves the file as a new note in Evernote with the current date and time as the title and sets the category to “song ideas”

Music Memos is your best friend here. I use it all the time to capture song ideas. And you can export it to Logic or GB (if you use those apps)

Also amazing that it will create chords and drums/bass lines for you. And it does a pretty good job. This feature is More fun than anything for me, but it can help you be creative.