Looking for app to organize/ play different training websites

I’m looking to identify an app that would keep organized multiple websites that do training (eg, photography training sites). I’d really like to have one app to go to that just focuses on this need. Ideally, it would:

  • Allow me to view the training site videos within the app
  • Work even if login credentials are required for the site
  • Be cross platform with sync (Mac/ iOS)
  • Allow for playing back video at increased speed (1.25x, etc)

So far, it seems DevonThink comes closest, but don’t think it allows for increased playback speed, which is important to me.

Any thoughts/ workarounds appreciated!

Have you considered downloading the videos? If so, you would have the choice of playing them locally or via something like Plex.

Interesting idea- thanks! I already use Downie (great app!), and was a Plex user some years ago, so will explore this option-

So now I remember the issue with Plex… despite people having requested increased playback speeds for years, still a no go on Plex.