Looking for 'Expandable' Sticky Note App

that I can keep notes in folders.

When I start a new project for a client I make a folder in documents and drag it in to the dock with their name and project listed on the folder. I find that I need to make quick notes and would love if there was an app where I could make quick notes and then I could drag into client folder and IDEALLY it would expand open right there with my notes!

Am I asking for too much?

I find myself having to use pages or office doc’s for Mac … but I would like something that would expand like a sticky note when you click on it. Just for quick notes related to the file.

Does anyone have any ideas on that and if not expandable what’s the next best thing?

Not sure if this meets your needs but take a look at Ghostnote. It is included with Setapp if you have a subscription.

I second ghostnote. It does exactly what you want.