Looking for help with new ios 12 Shortcuts App Programming

Hi All,

I’m looking for help with new ios 12 Shortcuts App Programming. I loaded some shortcuts from the gallery and it is very helpful to see the steps - how they are created. But I’d like to find out more, as in a forum that can also help.

discussion.apple.com didn’t have much when I checked

Is this a good place to start ?

For example - I created a shortcut to copy the Title and URL from the current safari web page (using variables) and paste it into apple notes.

Problem - if I trigger it from the share sheet - it works but if I trigger it from Siri Voice - even while I am on the safari page - it creates the note but the variables are blank…

Any Idea how to fix this?

Why not use the new MacSparky Siri Shortcuts Field Guide available at https://learn.macsparky.com?

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I think it’s because triggering from the share sheet feeds input variables to the shortcut, but triggering other ways doesn’t (the phone doesn’t want to assume you want to act on the current app).
Try to see if there’s a way to get the web page at the start of the shortcut, then the rest would run as normal.

ok - good idea - i will try

is there a place i can post the shortcut? might be helpful if someone can see it…

You might find a lot of help and support with the community over at https://talk.automators.fm

You could certainly post your questions and even your workflow to get help from that community!