Looking for personal budgeting software - YNAB alternative

Hi, I stayed with YNAB. I tried to roll my own solution but I wasn’t happy with the outcome. My issue is I’ve been with YNAB since around 2006 and I use it every day. I suffered through the transition from YNAB to nYNAB (the online version) and I love the current version.

I tried going back to YNAB classic but it just felt odd to me so I paid the subscription and haven’t looked back.

Like a lot of folks, my family runs on a very tight budget and I haven’t found anything that works as well for me as YNAB.


I use YNAB multiple times per week and am personally happy to pay the subscription. I was a disgruntled Mint user - always wondering who was paying for my financial data. As they say, you get what you pay for.

I think the OP had a bad support experience. There is enough flexibility to deviate from the rules. I’m even running a business account off the program which is not an intended use case, but works for me. The app is easy to use, and at least I know my data stays with me.


I just tested Copilot which recently launched on Mac. I really like the fresh interface and handling of new transactions- coding them all on one screen regardless of the account(s) they come from. However the lack of investment account transactions, account registers or ability to reconcile to statements led me to abandon it and stick with Banktivity.

The investment thing is truly bizarre. They only show securities held in each account but nothing else.

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I think I’m the same, the Annual subscription was coming up again, and was looking to save that $140 AUD fee, but I think it pays for itself in stopping me spending in other areas and tracking properly. Same here, tight family budget means keeping a close eye on it and couldn’t find an alternative.


Tha family plan helps with the cost.

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I currently using buxfer.com , my annual subscription is come up too. Looking for YNAB plus Sync Accounts experience from any Aussie users here

The amount of time I’ve spent over the last year trying YNAB replacements or mucking around with spreadsheets easily exceeded in worth the cost of the subscription.

I think I’ll just go back to YNAB for ease.


Totally agree with that.


thanks both @davepettitt and @Nick_tea , I’ll give YNAB a shot then…

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This is the conclusion I reached as well, and begrudgingly resubbed recently. Shared family budgets included for no extra cost convinced me.

Meanwhile, I have heard some good things about Quicken for Mac since it was sold a few years ago. Thought about trying it, and then thought, “Nah, my spreadsheets do it better than anything else.” :slight_smile: