Loom ... but not loom

I’ve just hired a virtual assistant (VA). We both have phones and messages, and I’d love an easy way to send videos that I’ve recorded from my iPhone or from my Mac webcam to her using messages.

BUT THE FILES ARE MASSIVE and, while I’ve got fast unlimited broadband, I don’t think she does.

I could use loom … but I’d really love a cheaper alternative, that’s also easier to use.

Any suggestions?

What does your assistant have to do with these videos? Are they editing them for publication? Or is it just you showing them how to do something?

Upload them to Google Drive. It uses the same, if not very similar, video player as YouTube and it works well to send streaming video to users without them needing to download them to watch.

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I use Dropbox all the time for this. It has a video player that allows them to stream and allows you to prevent them from downloading the video if you don’t want them to.

CleanShot X Cloud Pro could be an option. There’s no mobile app though.

Shoulda said: no editing, I just want to do quick demos of stuff or give a quick video update.

(I have other tools for proper video editing)