Lot of Sherlocking going on post WWDC

I see the bar for some developers getting a bit higher to jump over given the new features in iOS 15/Mac OS Monterey

I’m a big fan of Tab Groups and I use SessionRestore which I’m ok with but I feel like it could be a bit more intuitive. Tab Groups looks to be simple …syncs with mobile and delivers pretty much what I need. Native tools for me going forward.

Notes/Reminders - Tags, collaboration and almost universal availability has me thinking that perhaps I should try these tools rather than a 3rd party until I’m sure I’ve exhausted the capabilities. I’ve struggled with trying to use task apps to good effect. I think I need the basics so that I fully understand what I’m getting with more advanced tools and how they’ll make my life easier.

Tot - Just bought it but I kind of feel like it may get Sherlocked because of the new Quick Note feature. I don’t mind though because I like supporting the Iconfactory when it makes sense though I can certainly see myself using QN

1Password - I’ve been a paying 1P user for years and I don’t plan on changing but honestly if someone asked me about Password managers and I realized they just want to store passwords I’d recommend Keychain with 2FA. It’s the least amount of friction.

Anyone else get their app in the Sherlock Zone?

I don’t think 1Password is sherlocked by a long way.

TextSniper has been potentially sherlocked as well.


I am definitely ditching 1Password this fall. I have been using it for 2FA and secure content (software licenses), but this secure content can perfectly live in DEVONthink now that Keychain manages it. TextSniper will most likely go away too.

On the other hand, if Notes would add linking capability, then I would maybe use it, but I’ll remain perfectly content with Tot, Drafts and Craft for probably a long time.

I have never been a user of tab groups. This idea never stuck with me. Maybe I’ll try again and ditch tools such as Franz. The space on my drive would sure like that.


I use Edge in macOS (and windows sadly) , and the keychain extension is awful to say the least.
If I was all in on Safari I might have thought about it.

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Neither do I. Apple provides 1Password for all their employees and I don’t expect that to change.


Ha yes, indeed I went back to Safari which makes this work. Otherwise I would definitely stay with 1Password.

I don’t understand this. How does keychain manage anything in the context of DEVONthink? I ask because if I could get rid of even one more subscription I would be delighted. :slight_smile:

The public-key-based credentials that use the Web Authentication standard (and will be stored in the Secure Enclave of your Apple device), which can replace passwords all together, will probably be a much bigger threat to 1Password (in the long run):

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I have very high hopes that Apple sherlocked every subscription-based weather application out there. Looks promising, but we’ll see.


Two different, unrelated things (I was most certainly unclear) :slightly_smiling_face: I have my software licenses stored in 1Password at the moment, but when I transfer my logins to Keychain, those licenses will have to live elsewhere. Which will probably be a Numbers sheet in DT.

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Ok I need to watch this Session

Yes the OCR apps pretty much have been Sherlocked unless they have some amazing custom features in the works.

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Thanks, question though. How do you plan to password protect those documents? I have lots of those but I also have personal documents that I have stored in 1password. Is there a way that I’m not aware of in DT to further protect those types of documents?

Yes, you can create locally encrypted databases (which, as far as I’m aware, work under the hood as encrypted sparse images). I don’t intend to, though, as DEVONthink sync stores are encrypted anyway (as long as your password protect them when setting them up) so that means that in the cloud, my data in encrypted with a password only I possess, which amounts to zero knowledge syncing.

I’d add that DEVONthink can sync with DEVONthink to Go without a cloud service. I normally sync the two via Bonjour on my own network – because I do not need to have my data always up to date in every place. Not the case for everyone, but works for me.


Don’t see Keychain supplanting 1Password for Families. No way to share passwords among family members. I also use it for a lot of other stuff.


Very interesting. Thanks for posting. The process is a variation of the method used by OpenPGP which I used to use and trusted. IMO, it will be important to get financial institutions to adopt it. If banks, etc. use it I would think the average non-MPU would consider it safe for other sites.

Problem is, of the five financial institutions I deal with from time to time, only two has any form of 2FA, one uses SMS, the other SMS or email; and both methods are only slightly better than nothing. If they aren’t using the best methods available today getting anything new into wide use will probably be slow.


For me, I can’t see replacing TOT with QuickNotes. In fact, I don’t even see them occupying the same niche. I use TOT for very limited, very short, notes…often just 1 line: I see a book that I’m interested in (maybe as a reference in another book I’m reading on my Kindle). I pop open TOT (it lives on my home screen in iOS and menubar on my Mac) and note the title and author; I have something I want to tell someone next time I talk to them. It goes on a page of things I want to tell each person on one page; notes on conversations I’ve had. I have one on that page about a call I had to Apple, my case number, and when I talked to them; a quick list of a few keyboard shortcuts. No, TOT is here to stay for me.


I’m most intrigued by the links to web highlights in QuickNotes. I wonder if that’ll be something other developers can somehow incorporate — I’d love to see it in Drafts, nvUltra, etc.

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This makes me think Apple is indeed expanding a kind of deep linking through its operating systems … remains to be seen if it extends beyond Apple’s own apps (and it Apple keeps developing it … we need a term for cool features that Apple neglects over time):

Shared with You: Continue the conversation

Alongside shared content in the corresponding apps, you can see who sent it, and with a click, open the associated conversation in Messages — so you can continue the conversation while you’re enjoying what was shared with you.

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