Lulu vs. Little Snitch

I have been a long time Little Snitch user but someone recently told me about Lulu. I have been impressed with this little open source app. Has anyone tried this for an extended period of time? I am leaning to just replacing LS with it.

There is competition.

If you need granular control, LS is the best

If you need just simple block or allow, Lulu is it

If you have LS, just use that

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Eh, Little Snitch has earned a spot with me as ā€œTranscends Fishing for Replacementsā€. The first thing I install on a PC is WinRAR. The first thing I install on a Mac is Little Snitch. Thereā€™s something to be said for an app holding that space in your mind.

I use Lulu as it is really giving you the peace of mind as you donā€˜t have to configure much and it is therefore really easy to use.

used ls for 3 years and replaced it with lulu like 2 years ago, works fine