M1 iMac reviews coming in

The M1 impressions/reviews are starting to come in, but I only have seen YouTube videos so far. About what you would expect, you either like the design, or you don’t. They could have made it thicker and got rid of the chin, etc. Still interesting to see.

Here are a couple of my usual goto channels. Anyone find anything good?

I just watched The Verge’s video. The red iMac is growing on me, but I still prefer the blue color.

I will watch MKBHD’s video right now. Thanks for sharing!

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I don’t mind the chin.

I find the same people that obsesses over the iPhone notch are the ones ranting about the chin.

I don’t believe the pinnacle of design is a computer that is indistinguishable from a basic display. The chin lets me know it’s a computer.

I’m more interested in better audio and that chin allows for better internal speakers.

So you want Thin Bezels, thin computers eh …sound quality will be the first casualty. If anyone doubts this go listen to 90% of modern day HDTV. They sound horrible.


MKBHD says as much about the sound in his video, the speakers are fine, but if they would have went a little thicker they could have put in even better speakers with some bass.

The thinness looks cool, but it really seems like they could have made a better computer if they just went a bit thicker. I just really love the idea of have a bit of color in my computer though.

As far as the bezels/chin, having used the current 27" iMac design for over 10 years, I don’t even notice either. I only see them when someone online mentions it and I make a point to look at them. Not that shouldn’t reduce both, I just don’t see them.

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I enjoyed Justine’s mega-unboxing quite a bit:


According to one survey Blue is apparently the big winner at 33% and Silver is the runner up at 30%. If this holds I suspect the color choices will shrink in future versions.

That’s crazy. Green is obviously the best color. And the matching green Apple sticker would look great on my green car.

Note: I wouldn’t buy this iMac, nor would I put an Apple sticker on my car no matter what the color. :slight_smile:

I am going to be so disappointed when the big iMacs come out and the choices are silver or space gray.

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Why do people hate colors?

Kind of disappointed there’s no 10G option in the $1499 unit. It’s external so you’d think Apple would have a faster version of the EtherBrick.

Man if I didn’t have other issues going on right now the Mac mini 16GB/10G model would be on my desk. Such a good config for <$1000

Hoping the iMac “biggins” version comes standard with 10g.

I always tell myself a Mini would be better suited for my needs (and wallet), but as many of these 24" iMac reviews are saying, to find a display as good as the iMacs, you wouldn’t be saving much money. I have a great big ultrawide on my PC, and while it looks nice, it makes me really appreciate the display on my iMac.

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I have a 2012 27” that’s in its golden years so I’m very interested in the 30+ inch iMac.

Until Apple decides to come out with a $3k (roughly) headless unit with Mac Pro level upgrades an iMac with fast I/O is fine to me.

I’m pushing most of my storage needs to central NAS storage which will run at 5gb and eventually most of my wired Macs and PC will be running 2.5/5gb to the NAS.

I tend to look at these RGB laden Gaming PC monstrosity and think to myself “hmmm that’s cute”

I prefer a clean setup.

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Maybe they are thinking that pink iMac might not fit their decor in 3 or 4 years. Or they might not be able to find a buyer who wants that color when they decide to upgrade.

When I was in college everyone wore bell bottom jeans and tie dyed shirts. Fashion changes quickly.

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