M1 iPad Pro release date?

Apple’s website says it’s out in the second half of May. Any ideas on a specific date?

In the USA it is supposed to be in stores on Friday 5/21/21. I am due to receive mine on that same day. I have read that shipping times have pushed all the way to July. There is no way to know how much inventory will be available in store at this point. It seems that between demand and supply issues, it might be tough to get for a few months.

Jason Snell has pointed out on Upgrade (more than once) that Apple does not seem to take inventory from stores to fulfill pre-orders, so when he sees pre-order dates slipping, he’ll try his local Apple Store on release day, rather than make an online pre-order which he then has to cancel.

Unfortunately I don’t have a local Apple Store, but if you do, it might be worth taking a trip (especially if you are vaccinated).

I’ll head to my local Apple Store on Saturday - thanks. Strange that the website still says “mid May” one day before the launch.