M1 Mac Mini with 2 LG UltraFine Monitors (Victory is Mine, but I Need Advice)


I’ve just purchased an M1 Mac Mini (so shiny, so fast) and prior to it arriving I did a ton of research about how to get my two USB C/Thunderbolt 3 LG Ultrafines to work with it.

I’m aware of Mike Schmitz’s solution, but I’m based in the UK and the shipping and taxes for the dongle he found adds about $120 to the price of the $45 dongle!

I’ve found that a HDMI —> Displayport Dongle along with a bi-directional USB C —> Displayport cable enables me to run both LG UltraFines. However (annoyingly) I can’t adjust the brightness of the second monitor (the one connected via HDMI/Displayport).

Does anyone know of a good display app that would enable me to do that? (I have the LG Screen Manager app and it’s no help).

Does the display brightness work when you switch to the Displayport rather than the HDMI?

Probably so.

In this case, the specs on the USB->HDMI->Displayport adaptor are likely below the standards needed for the second monitor to recognize that brightness can also be presented to you as a control parameter. I know that my LG UL 4k has a limited set of options when I drive it with HDMI through a poorer quality adaptor.

AFAIK, Displayport is supposed to allow daisy chaining without the need for intermediate adaptors.


It seems the new OS update killed by work around. Now the Displayport monitor will only go to one of three resolutions–all of which are essentially useable.