M1 MacBook Air: Are you having Bluetooth problems like me?

Ever since I bought my MacBook Air with M1 (16GB RAM) I’ve had intermittent Bluetooth problems. Occasionally interruptions in connection, or skittish performance of mouse.

I’ve used the M1 entirely with my Logitech MX Master 3 mouse, and my Logitech Craft keyboard (both of which are only about 4 months old.

I saw a YouTube video by someone who likewise is having the same Bluetooth problems with the same Logitech accessories, and he claimed that Apple is hearing complaints from many users and has a fix planned in a future update.

Are you experiencing Bluetooth problems? Is Apple aware & preparing a fix?

Hopefully, the Bluetooth issues that you’re experiencing will be fixed in the macOS 11.2 update that Apple released earlier today.

p.s. As I mentioned in the Big Sur macOS 11.2 released thread, I’m having trouble downloading the macOS 11.2 update for some reason. I keep getting a “Download failed” error.

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I have a M1 Mac mini with a Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard. Fairly often I get a typing problem where the characters get echoed to the screen very slowly. The only solution I’ve found is to disconnect the keyboard and reconnect it.

The system doesn’t like my Logitech Trackball either. It’s fairly old, though.

To be fair, I’ve had Bluetooth problems on every MacBook since the 2017 15" MBP…which was my first Mac. On the other hand, my wife’s Dell XPS 13 also has awful Bluetooth issues. But I too am hopeful that macOS 11.2 helps…

Great news. The Big Sur 11.2 release appears to have completely cured my erratic Bluetooth problems with both the Logitech MX Master 3 mouse and the Logitech Craft keyboard.

The release has also apparently eliminated the occasional problem of my external monitor going completely dark for 5-10 seconds once or twice a day when connected via HDMI (and an Apple Thunderbolt-to-HDMI adapter) to my M1 Air.


I am using a very cheap Tecknet mouse as I have been using one on my desktop for years. The difference is this time my mouse has pure bluetooth connectivity (not using a dongle), I have not experienced any bluetooth issues as mentioned above.

I’ve just posted this thread

Whatever the problems were that 11.2 fixed, they must have been on top of all the crap that Catalina brought. My Mac mini on Mojave was rock solid except for my Magic Mouse 2 which I have since determined has a line of sight issue. The day Catalina was installed I started getting problems with my Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2 and they have continued from the mini to the M1 MBP. Time will tell if 11.2 improved anything but I can say for sure it hasn’t eliminated them.

The latest update still didn’t fix my Bluetooth speaker issue. I’ve had that speaker for almost 3 years. The M1 is the first device that can’t pair to it.

I’m still having issues on my MacBook Pro after the 11.2 update.
Works ok for a few minutes after boot and then has issues.
Solved the issues on the iMac.

I did have problems with Bluetooth and my Bose sound-bar, it would drop the sound after a few mins intermittently, but since 11.2 I have not had a single issue. I watched a 3 hour movie last night and it worked throughout.

I’ve never had problems with the Magic Mouse and Trackpad, they’ve been working since I got the M1 Air.

Logitech MX Master (and Vertical) Mice have had flaky bluetooth connections for a couple of years with both Catalina and Big Sur. I have to reset the connection most days, on my 2017 iMac[^1]. It works fine after this, but sooner or later it will fail again.

11.2 doesn’t seem to fix this.

[^1]: (Press little button -> cmd-space -> Bluetooth -> Enter -> tab -> tab -> down -> down -> space is now ingrained…)

spoke too soon… issues are still there on iMac just not as evident.
Now have a keyboard maestro macro on both machines to restart bluetooth as soon as I notice the issue.

Added to that I now have a daily scheduled job to restart ssh on the imac as that stops working.

Glad I’m using the logitech unfied receiver for my mx keys / master - that has been rock solid and can be used on boot too.

I had same problem finally found the solution!

Disable Wifi > open Bluetooth > connect to Logitech mouse> turn Wifi back on. Mouse stays connected without the bloody receiver doggle.

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Nope. Still not working with my Mx Anywhere 2S on MBA M1. Works fine on my MBA (2017) on Big Sur 11.4

Only my MacBook Air M1 (Big Sur) has EVER had ANY problem with Bluetooth. Even the cheapest little PC laptop I’ve ever used has had no issues. The MacBook Air1 was fussy from the beginning, but eventually recognized the keyboard (Mac) and mouse. The Mac magic mouse disconnects all the time and always did, on my old iMac too - but the ordinary Bluetooth mouse I got didpair with the M1 for a year and a half - then inexplicably stopped. Not recognized. Period. Yes, yes, I turn everything off and on and do all the entirely useless things Mac people recommend., It did recognize it and it does not. Not this one - fully charged - not any one. I assume Mac is getting ready to disable Bluetooth (why keep something that’s actually useful to users if you can create more problems for us?) and put some proprietorial Apple thing in instead. I HATE Mac. The iMac was given to me and worked ok, then I made the big mistake of following advice to replace it with this MacBook Air M1. I hate it. It does nothing easily. PCs are WAY better. I refuse to use an iPhone or i-anything-else. PC and Android work just fine without all the infuriating prprietary nonsense.