M1 out of memory errors

look at memory use for each app (on the memory tab). P.S. That’s WAY more swap space then I use. If this were my machine, I would close my apps and restart. Something seems wrong.

Sigh, I’m resigned to the fact that this is probably due to lots of enterprise apps that were running in the background like VPN, Jamf, Crowdstrike, Crash Plan and whatever not. No wonder the previous 2017 MacBook Pro 8GB was screaming, with the fan blowing continuously, even during boot. Thankfully you guys helped me made the decision to upgrade to a M1 (no fan!) vs an alternative which was a 32GB Core i-7 MacBook Pro. While 32GB is enticing, I don’t think I can live with a noisy fan.

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Just last week I had a discussion with a colleague: it’s absurd that we need to double memory and CPUs because of lazy programming. My personal dislike: Microsoft Teams. Having some chats open gobbles up memory and CPU usage. For a chat!

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Teams is sitting at 150MiB for me, which, relatively speaking isn’t too bad.
Signal 108MiB
Messages 96MiB

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It seems there was a significant update somewhere. I’ll add Teams to the “past awful behavior” list.

To stick with the M1 topic: even with high usage, I don’t notice. Or didn’t notice the update. On my Intel MBP, I didn’t need activity monitor, the fans always hinted towards resource consumption.

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I am using a M1 Mac mini with 16GB of RAM and face similar issue all the time, see my post on this thread

I have posted similar screenshots showing how Big Sur stopped due to memory issue

This is ridiculous, mind you, 16GB MBA M1 here:
-MS Word 10GB! (and I am not even a heavy Word user)
-Firefox 29GB!
-HCL Notes 21 GB!

Why does Cardhop need almost 1GB?

I get these errors also, since installing Monterey on my M1 Air with 8GB RAM. Firefox is the biggest culprit, also with almost 29 GB. On my Intel iMac with Big Sur FF is only using 2,3 GB, when I use it to watch Youtube video’s and do other things at the same time. I didn’t get these errors with Big Sur, but then I didn’t look at the memory usage of FF.

Or maybe mail Your system has run out of application memory – error on Macs - 9to5Mac

M1 Max with 32GB is also seeing these. To me, it’s a bug that needed to be fixed then!

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Has to be a bug. All the programmers reading this forum are saying to themselves, “That’s one heck of a memory leak!”

Maybe something in the garbage collection routines in macOS specific to M1s.
Strange it has persisted and wasn’t fixed in Monterey though.

this thread is making me nervous about my M1 MBA arriving today …

I would characterize it as an “annoyance”, rather than a “show stopper”, if that helps.

Perhaps related to my M1 MBP crashing and rebooting when I close it. Also annoyance level, and doesn’t happen every time.

For perspective, I don’t use my laptop that much.

To ease your nerves a little: I’ve done a lot of work on an M1 Air (16GB, 512GB) over the past year and have never seen this problem. I use typically MS Office, Mail, BBEdit, Teams, Zoom, Slack, 3 browsers with maybe 50+ open tabs across multiple windows/Spaces Discord, News, iPadOS Discourse client, and a few more demanding apps from time to time. I go for at least 2 weeks between reboots.

I’m not saying that this isn’t a problem for people (it obviously is and I’m not trying to downplay that), but it doesn’t seem to be a problem for everyone.


In my case, that would mean the laptop crashes several times a day. You have to be more patient and forgiving than I am :wink:

Has to be a bug. All the programmers reading this forum are saying to themselves, “That’s one heck of a memory leak!”

It must be something like that, I haven’t had a problem with my Air since December last year, even though it only has 8GB of RAM.

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Yeah, pretty patient :slight_smile:

As I said, doesn’t happen every time, and may be associated with Bluejeans usage when I’m in the classroom. IDK

I’m also certain it has something to do with one or more of the specific apps, probably non-M1-native apps, being run on the systems that have an explosion of memory usage. Has to be, otherwise we would all be having the issue.

I think that I run only two non-native apps and, so far, have not had a problem. Also, whenever CleanMyMacX reports that one of my programs has crashed (I’m looking at you Mail), I restart my MacBook Air.

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Yeah, maybe a Rosetta bug.