Mac Desktop + Docker running on Synology

Hello all. CleanMyMac suddenly started flagging what appears to be all things Docker on the Synology as a Backdoor thread categorized as “Generic.Trojan.”

Some flagged files include:
• vpnkit..sock (port,pcap,eth etc)
• most appear to be .sock files
• Docker and Docker Help apps
• various containers

Updated to MacOS12.3 a few weeks ago (no warnings)…everything running smooth since. No real change to configurations. Rebooted devices a few times…no change.

Reason to be alarmed or something else happening?

Update: Discovered the certificate expired AND appears the signing entity ( no longer exists. Might be related :wink:

What free signing services so other use for such situations?


Newb questions here:

Family DS. Come was set up pretty smoothly though the Synology set up configuration panel.

Letsencrypt appears more involved. Process seems different, asking for domain info etc. each effort results in “Please check if your IP address, reverse proxy rules, and firewall settings are correctly configured and try again.“ Searches on that error start heading down rabbit holes which appear likely to unravel and make the situation worse.

In theory i should be able to REPLACE the dead certificate with another. When everything was running smoothly up until recently there shouldn’t be the need to start tinkering with ports, forwards and the like. Replace old certificate with a new one and Life returns to normal.


Switched services to an existing self-signed certificate for Synology. This generates security screens at every opportunity…pia and looking to get this back tot way to was before

That said connecting to file server continues to drop off frequently requiring manually connecting every time. This was the original key item that drew my attention to something funky happening to the synology setup.

how do you connect to the file server? afp , smb or webdav, ftp? I still use afp and the connection seems to be solid

Before the recent problems, Network > Select server > enter credentials. This now generates “ there was a problem connecting to the server. The server may not exist or it is unavailable at this time check the server name or the IP address check your network connection and then try again.”

After the connection problems I use the command key using the IP number > enter credentials. This works however it does not last can last a few hours 10 minutes 40 minutes but always drops off-line not reconnect

Not recalling the specific reason now however has to go SMB for other connections/apps to work.

Also looking related: Synology error starting IP conflict on LAN 1 off server. LAN 1 looks ok?